Welcome reader!

Dear reader,

I have the pleasure to welcome you to this blog!

Let me briefly describe the purpose of this space and how it can be useful to you. In the following pages of this blog, constantly updated, you will find articles, scientific information, curiosities, and everything related to the world of materials and associated chemistry. In jargon, it is often said that materials and their macroscopic properties depend strictly on the microscopic world, that is, the chemistry that characterizes each individual material differently. In other words, in order to understand what we can observe with our eyes, it is necessary to go deep into the knowledge of those small particles that, interacting with each other in a different way, allow us to define a material.

That is exactly the purpose of this blog! To allow you to understand why the behavior of what we can touch with our hands. This through an explanation within reach of anyone, even if it does not become too trivial, trying to provide correct information from a scientific point of view and not leaving out the deepening, typical of human instinct.

All that remains is for me to wish you a good continuation and a good reading!