Bidoo: How to win discounted Amazon vouchers (and more)

Hello, today I want to show you a particularly effective platform in which you can win vouchers (Amazon, Iper, Carrefour, Trenitalia, etc..) and many other products (iPhone, housewares, fashion, clothing, transport, etc..) at a very discounted price. The platform I want to introduce you to is called Bidoo (here’s the link).

Bidoo site interface

Bidoo is an Italian online auction site, one of the most long-lived in this sector and with tens of thousands of members: in fact, it has been operating since 2011. Thousands of prizes are up for grabs on the platform every day. They range from simple vouchers of the most disparate brands up to real goods of inestimable value. By connecting to the platform you can check for yourself what I am telling you.

You’re probably wondering if it’s reliable, aren’t you? Here’s the answer: in this link you can find real testimonials that are uploaded every day by users, just like you, who are trying to earn something through this platform. In that link you can also see the significant savings that other users have already taken advantage of.

How Bidoo works

Let me explain briefly how it works:

  1. Every day on Bidoo, thousands of auctions are held for various products from 12:00 to 24:00.
  2. The base price of each auction is only €0.01 (regardless of the value of the product)!
  3. To participate in the auctions you must be in possession of so-called “Bets” (or Credits). These can be bought in the dedicated shop or can be earned with daily missions.
  4. At each bid the price of the auction will increase by 1 cent.
  5. After each bid, the other users will have a certain amount of time to bid (usually 8-10 seconds, sometimes less).
  6. The last one to bid will win the item.

What are you waiting for to sign up and become part of this great community? Following this link you can receive your first 10 free bets immediately after signing up. Signing up is very quick and takes very few simple steps. Then, after confirming your details, you will receive your 10 free bets and you will be able to start making crazy wins just like everyone else.

I’ll be waiting for you!